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CSA Palm Harbor

1500 16th Street

Palm Harbor, Fl 34683 


Countryside Recreation

2640 Sabal Springs Drive

Clearwater, Fl 33761

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Created by Emerald Coast Dance


Emerald Coast Dance offers instruction in each of the following dances:

 - Two Step

 - Cha Cha

 - Night Club Two Step

 - Polka

 - Waltz

 - East Coast Swing

 - West Coast Swing


Group classes give students the chance to learn new dance moves in an environment where you can practice your steps before hitting the dance floor. We work on a rotation basis which means we frequently rotate partners during each class. It is fine if you want to work only with your partner, but it has been our experience that the leader or the follower may rely on the other too much in order to complete the patterns. Each has the responsibility to do their own part without your partner’s help. Rotating partners allows you to discover if can do your part successfully.

Group classes are offered weekly at 2 locations in North Pinellas County, Fl:  CSA Palm Harbor hosts East Coast Swing Classes on Tuesdays, West Coast Swing & a 2 Step Class on Thursday. The Clearwater Countyside Recreation Center hosts East and West Coast Swing Classes on Wednesdays.  See our Schedule tab for more information on our group classes, workshops and locations for private lessons. 


Private lessons are all about your individual development. We personalize each dance lesson based on your needs, desires, and goals. We give constant, real-time correction and positive feedback individualized to your specific learning style. Private lessons are 60 minutes in length. By far, individual instruction is the most effective way to accelerate your progress as a dancer.

*Contact us to schedule a private lesson or package of lessons. Text or call 850-218-4119


$50/hr; When bought individually


$45/hr; When you buy four lessons at a time. Total $180.00


$40/hr; When you buy 8 lessons at a time. Total $320.00


Do you have a competitive spirit? Do enjoy performing for others? When you compete, you will perform rehearsed choreography with your Pro to the dances listed previously as dances we teach.   You will compete with others based on your age and skill level, and you choose to perform any one or all of the 8 dances listed earlier.



 - Syllabus

 - Newcomer

 - Novice

 - Intermediate

 - Advanced

 - Pro II

 - Pro I

 - Master



Crystal          Under 39

Diamond      40 - 49

Silver             50 - 59         

Gold              60 - 69

Platinum       70 and older

Do you like to travel? These competitions take place all over the United States, Canada, and Europe. You will meet people from all over the World. In January 2020, the UCWDC hosts a World Championship Competition in Nashville so that you can compete against the best of the best. I would love to be that Pro that celebrates your victory. If you are interested, please contact us for more information. You can also learn more by visiting the UCWDC events website.

There are many World Swing Dance Council competitions held throughout the year that you can compete in with or without a partner. If you're interested in participating or attending any upcoming events, take a look below for links to sites we recommend.

UCWDC Events: 

World Swing Dance Council: