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400 S. Walton Ave.

Tarpon Springs, Fl 34689

CSA Palm Harbor

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Countryside Recreation

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Created by Emerald Coast Dance


Welcome to Emerald Coast Dance! We hope that you find answers to any questions you might have on this page.  If you require additional information, please feel free to contact us at 850.218.4119 or via email at or you may also email us personally at We look forward to seeing you in class.


Do I need a partner for dance classes?

No, a partner is not required to take any of our classes. Partner dance classes are taught so that we rotate individuals every few minutes – this is a great way to meet new people and learn to dance with a variety of leads and follows.


If I bring a partner, can I only dance with them during class?

Yes, you can definitely dance with your partner; we ask that you please let your instructor know so that he/she is aware. Please bear in mind that although it may feel more comfortable to dance with the same person all the time, we strongly believe that dancing with others will improve your dancing.


What should I wear?

Most students come to class dressed casually e.g. jeans, t-shirts. Some of our student attend class after work and are dressed in business attire. Feel free to dress in a comfortable manner with light clothing, as you do get a workout from our classes.


What shoes should I wear?

You do not need to purchase special dance shoes for class. Socks will work fine. Street shoes or tennis shoes will leave marks on the floor and will not be permitted. If you are considering dance shoes, the ones with the suede bottoms are preferred.


How long will it take me to learn?

How fast you learn is solely up to the individual. Some students may learn faster than others, but you cannot allow this to be a measure for your skill level. Improvement in your dancing will depend on many factors including your practice time, determination, and class attendance. There will always be a class at your skill level so there is no need to feel rushed.


What if I can’t keep up?

Most of our students find our class pace just right. However, everyone learns at a different pace. If you find the class difficult, please inform the instructor, as our goal is to help everyone. Additionally, always remember that practice doesn’t end at the end of class. Outings and socials are a great way to practice, but one-on-one time with an instructor can also be extremely helpful. Private lessons are a great option to assist you in understanding and executing the movements and techniques covered in class.


Where can I go practice?

There are a number of local dance events that would serve as a great opportunity to practice what you have learned in class.  For more information, just ask you instructor, or Google local dance events. 


How long are group classes?

Our group classes run for six weeks at a time and each class lasts at least 45 minutes, but no longer than 60 minutes.


How much are group classes and private lessons? 

Group classes are $60.00 for each 6 -week session, and we offer a 10% military discount to active or past military members, and their partner or immediate family members.  Private lessons are $60.00 an hour, and the same military discount applies. 


Do you offer gift certificates? 

Gift certificates are available, and seasonal discounts may be available.